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What is the Objective of e-Payment?
To provide the convenience of making online payment of Central Excise and Service Tax through Bank’s Internet banking service.

What type of taxes can we pay?
Central Excise & Service Tax

At which locations can we pay Central Excise and Service Tax?
We collect Central Excise and Service Tax payable in the state of Rajasthan for the following Commissionerates: 

1. Jaipur-I

2. Jaipur-II

What is meant by e-Payment of Tax?
e-Payment means payment of the Central Excise and Service Taxes using Internet banking service of a bank by instant debit to customer’s account with bank.

Who can pay the Tax through e-Payment?
All our customers, who have an Internet Banking ID with transaction rights, can pay the above Taxes online, using Internet banking service of our Bank ( for any assessee registered under the Central Excise Commissionerate at Jaipur-I and Jaipur-II.

How to get Internet banking facility of Bank?
The customers of our Bank can request for this facility on prescribed application forms at the branch where he/she has his/her account. The application form for registering as an Internet Banking customer can also be downloaded from our site

Are there any charges for availing e-Payment facility?
No, there are no charges for these services.

Up to what time in a day the e-Payments can be made?
e-Payment can be made 24 hours a day using our Internet banking service (

Is there any restriction on amount for Tax payment?
No, there is no restriction on minimum or maximum amount for e-Payment of Central Excise and Service Tax.

Does the Internet banking service give any receipt/confirmation for the e- Payment?
Yes, on successful payment the Internet banking user gets a Cyber Receipt for the Tax payment. Customers are advised to take print out of Cyber Receipt for their record.

How does the assessee get the regular Challan from the Bank?
The Challan copies duly stamped will be sent to the assessee by the Bank by courier. Please enquire with our SMS Highway Branch, Jaipur, if the receipted Challan is not received within 10 days from the date of online payment.

What if somebody tries to make an e-Payment for Tax without having sufficient balance in his account?
The transaction will fail.

What are the benefits to the Customer/Assessee?
Benefits to the Customer/Assessee are as under:

1.      No more queues and waiting

  1. Ease of operation and convenience
  2. 24 x 7 availability of the facility
  3. Can make payment from any where
  4. Can pay tax on behalf of the individual, firm or company
  5. Instant Cyber Receipts for payment made
  6. Challans delivered at door step
  7. Service is free of charge

What are the Steps for Making Tax Payment?

Easy Steps for making Tax payment

  • Turn off Pop-up Blocker of your browser

  • Log on to our Internet Banking site (( using your User ID and Password.

  • Select - Govt. Payments

  • Select  - Indirect Taxes

  • Select – Registration/edit (Registration is a one time activity to use the services. However you can edit your assessee details subsequently. Please enter your details like Assessee Code, Head of accounts etc. accurately.

  • Click on confirm button

  • After Registration you can make payments.

  • Don’t forget to print the Cyber Receipt after successful payment.


Turn off Pop-up Blocker of your browser before logging in for Tax payment through Internet banking, otherwise cyber receipt will not be generated.

Always look for the Success/Failure or system messages.

Always verify the assessee name, number and location code to be sure that the tax payment is intended for the correct assessee.

When registering for the first time make sure that the head of accounts linked are correct. If not, the same can be modified any number of times.

Please fill in all details in the challan screen in case of Central Excise before making payment.

In case of Service Tax payment please mention the “From” and “To” dates in “dd/mm/yy” format while making payment.

The “Remarks” column can be used to fill in some noting which may help you recollect the details of payment at a future date. Such remarks will not be printed on the Challan Form.


DO NOT click twice on any item while using Internet Banking. This will lead to logging you off by the system, requiring you to log in again.

DO NOT use the Back/Refresh/Forward buttons available on the browser, for going to the earlier screen(s).

DO NOT proceed for payment in case of doubt regarding the correct account heads. 


SECURITY NOTE: Browsers that support 128-bit encryption are required to access SBBJ Online.

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