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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Internet Banking?
A. It is simply doing many of your banking transactions using your PC and the Internet (subject to minimum browser restrictions). The advantages? No banking hours, no queues. Just banking from wherever you are connected. It's easy, convenient, and best of all, it's available to you anytime.

Q. What banking transactions can I perform with Internet Banking?
A. Internet Banking enables you to manage your accounts more easily. It also gives you greater control over balances, transfers and fixed deposits. You can :
  • View the balances of your accounts
  • Check entries for your accounts
  • Transfer funds between your accounts with us or to any other account ,subject to criteria
  • Third party fund transfer in the same bank
  • Interbank transfer through RTGS/NEFT/SBGRPT
  • Open online e-TDR/e-STDR/e-RD account
  • Payment of utility bill, insurance premium, merchant payments etc.
  • Book rail ticket through IRCTC
  • Request for issue of Demand Draft
  • Order a new cheque book
  • Online cheque stop request facility
  • Create, change and delete Standing Orders and cancel Direct Debits

Q. How safe is Internet Banking?
A. It's as safe as banking any other way, provided a few precautions are put in place.
The security of your accounts and the reliability of our service are of utmost importance to us. Internet Banking uses SSL encrypted medium (minimum of 128-bit to maximum of 256-bit SSL tunnel), the highest level of security on the internet, one of the most advanced technologies available, for safeguarding your online banking. Encryption is a process that transforms sensitive information into a string of unrecognizable characters before they are sent over the Internet, and helps provide a secure channel for data transmission to keep information private between the bank's computer system and your internet browser.

Q. What are the requirements to use Internet Banking?
 A. You need an SBBJ account.

Q. Are there fees for Internet Banking?
A. No. You pay the usual tariffs associated with your account/s but nothing extra to bank online.

Q. Does Internet Banking have online help?
A. Yes. There are several assistance options:
  • You can use the questions and answers supplied through our FAQs.
  • There is online Customer Care option within Internet Banking.
  • You can raise query/queries through e-mail to inbcell@sbbj.co.in

Q. What type of browser do I need to use Internet Banking?
A. This site uses highly secure 256-bit encryption and is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above or Mozilla 3 and above. If you have an older version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla, please upgrade your browser.

Q. How do I know I am visiting a secure Internet site?
A. Internet Banking is accessed through a "secured" Internet site, which helps ensure your financial information remains private and secure. You will know you are at a secured site when you see the https:// in the address field on your browser and the padlock symbol at the bottom of your screen.

Getting started with Internet Banking
To start using the Internet Banking service, you first need to be a customer of SBBJ.

Steps to register for Internet Banking:
• Get Registration Form from Branch or download it from our site www.sbbjonline.com, submit the filled form to the concerned branch

Q. What proof do I receive for transfers made via Internet Banking?
A. For each instruction you will be given a unique Transaction Reference. This reference is your proof that the instruction is being accepted and processed. You will find this reference on the Transaction-Status Enquiry option and it should be quoted on any queries you may have.

Q. If I make a transfer to the wrong beneficiary, can I cancel or stop it?
A. If you schedule a transfer to be processed immediately, you may not be able to stop the transfer.

Q. Can I transfer funds between my accounts?
A. Yes, you may transfer funds between your banking accounts

Login / Password Related Issue
Q. I have received my user name but no password:
A. Please go to trouble logging in at www.sbbjonline.com and user id and password not received option. Please give the branch code (5 digits) and account number (11 digits) for which you have not received user id and password.

Q. I am not able to login with the user name and password received from bank:
A. - User id and password are case sensitive i.e. capital and small letters are different here.
- SBBJ provided user name and passwords are for one time usage only. Else please contact your branch.

Q. What should I do after logging in:
A. When you log in for the first time, the system will prompt you to change your username and password. Username can be alpha-numeric and maximum 20 characters. Your password should be minimum 8 characters and maximum 20 characters. It should have alpha-numeric and at least one special character.

Q. I am getting message "invalid userid and password combination"
A. This could be due to wrong userid password combination used by you. Please note user id and password are case sensitive. e.g. ROHINI, rohini and Rohini are different here. Your password should be minimum 8 characters and maximum 20 characters. It should have alpha-numeric and at least one special character e.g.rohini@0658. If problem still persists contact your branch.

Q. I have forgotten my login password
A. Please go to trouble logging in and forgot password option. If you know correct username and profile password, duplicate password will be dispatched at your registered address.

If you do not know your profile password, reference number will be generated. Please download duplicate password form and submit it to your branch along with your reference number.

Q. I want to change my user name:
A. User name cannot be changed by the customer or branch. Please ask your branch to register you again.

Q. I want to change my login password:
A. Please go to profile and change login password option.

Q. I do not know my profile password:
A. Please note profile password is not given by the bank. It is given by the customer and it can be alpha-numeric or alpha-numeric with special character.

Q. I have forgotten my profile password
A. Please go to profile and forgot profile password option and download a duplicate profile form and submit it to your branch along with the reference number.
Branch will reset your profile password. Next time when you go to profile and any of the options it will ask you to give a new profile password and confirm it.

General Topics
Q. I get the message you do not have any account
A. This is because your branch has not yet activated your account. Please contact your branch.

Q. I am viewing some one else's account accounts:
A. Please get in touch with your branch and ask them to remove wrong account and add your correct account.

Q. I have some more accounts which are not visible:
A. Please confirm from your branch that other accounts are also linked to same CIF where your primary account is linked.

Q. I have accounts in some other branch:
A. Please register for internet banking in the other branch separately.

Q. I want to have Internet banking facility for my Corporate Account:
A. Please download corporate registration form from www.sbbjonline.com/sbbjcorp.html and submit it to your branch. Please apply under Corporate account - Khata, Saral, Vyapar or Vistar option

Q. My name is wrongly spelt in sbbjonline:
A. Please go to profile and correct the spelling or the way you want your name to appear on the web page
through ‘set nickname’ option.

Q. I want to download Statement of my account:
A. Please go to enquiry and statement of account. You can only view six months data on web or last 200 transactions whichever is less

Q. I am unable to renew my STDR online:
A. TDR/STDRs are automatically renewed in Bank's system on due date for the original period.

Q. I am unable to do fund transfer:
A. This is because your branch has not given you transaction rights. Please ask or write to your branch to give you transaction rights.

Q. I want to do third Party transfer:
A. . Please go to profile and declare the account as third party account and approve it either by One Time Password received on your mobile or redirect request to branch and download form and submit it to your branch along with the reference number. After Approval of beneficiary now go to transactions and third party option to do the transaction.

Q. What is the limit for draft issue and third party transfer:
A. The limit for draft issue as well as third party transfer is Rs.5,00,000/- on net.

Q. I want to transfer funds to other bank:
A. Please go to profile and declare the account as Interbank Payee or State Bank group beneficiary and approve it either by One Time Password received on your mobile or redirect request to branch and download form and submit it to your branch along with the reference number. After Approval of beneficiary. Now go to Payments/Transfer and Interbank transfer option to do the transaction.


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